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Weehawken Pier

TiBeCa Grand Hotel photo

Aluminum railings with stainless cables.

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TiBeCa Grand Hotel

TiBeCa Grand Hotel photo

Bronze handrail attached to steel guardrail.

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Elizabeth Municipal Marina

Elizabeth Municipal Marina photo

Galvanized steel railings with stainless steel mesh.

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Avon Boardwalk

Avon Boardwalk photo

Avon boardwalk railings. Jersey Strong! REBUILDING!

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Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge photo

Stainless steel decorative barrier rails and guard rails, supplied for bicycle path for the Army Corp of Engineers.

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Point Road School

Point Road School photo

Decorative powder-coated aluminum trusses, window grills and sign board.

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Franklin School

Franklin School photo

Replaced rusted and unstable balcony with period-correct powder-coated aluminum reproduction.Franklin School photo

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Favorites photo

Ten foot (10') square, by ten foot (10') tall upside-down powder-coated aluminum pyramid design element for state's first off-track wagering facility. Architect designed one-piece welded structure could not have been powder-coated, due to its size. American Custom Fabricators, Inc. (ACF) re-designed structure into four pieces that could be powder-coated, then assembled at job site.

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Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites photo

Replaced steel railings which required constant attention, with beautiful bronze architectural railings. All components fabricated by American Custom Fabricators, Inc. (ACF).

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